Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


With nearly 25 participants holding steady week to week, the facilitator last session prompted us to experience the feeling of *JOY* which is one of the essential elements for a fulfilling life. With February designated Black History month, the month of love, it felt natural to extend our hearts in *JOY*

As we progress through Rev. Ike’s lessons it becomes clearer that Health, Joy, and Prosperity work in tandem.

*JOY* impacts and elevates our entire body system; it releases the good feeling hormones and boosts our immune system. That’s why we decided to go with the flow as we began the evening singing along to the “Money Song”  


We were aghast later in the evening when someone fanned out and kissed multiple big bills and everyone gasped at the sight. This dramatic demonstration emphasized Rev. Ike’s message that you should not be hesitant to say you love money!

“If you really want to have a good experience of money, you have to learn how to love money positively and correctly.”

Hoarding money, competing for it, or developing an insatiable greed is clearly not positive or correct. Once you establish a positive love affair with money, you can attract more money to you. Use affirmations, such as the one below by Rev. Ike which establishes a correct mindset:

“Money is my loving obedient servant. I do not serve money; it serves me.”

For those who grew up in traditional or fundamentalist churches, you might have to overcome some of your early teachings that embedded unhealthy ideas about money. Rev. Ike’s teachings can help reverse that negative indoctrination.

Nevertheless, money alone is insufficient to guarantee happiness. Money is just energy, but when you align your energy with “God-in-me” energy you are guaranteed success!

“I make it my business to think right, feel right and talk right.”

Basically, it all comes down to Love. God is Love. “You must first learn to love yourself correctly.” You have to accept that you are deserving of everything good. REMEMBER, how you see yourself is exactly how others will see you. Begin to see yourself as God sees you.

Can you stand in front of a mirror and say, “God, you sure look good in me”? Once you can do that – not from your ego – but from the high consciousness of right knowing, you are ready to become a money magnet, a prosperity precept in action. Are you ready for that?

Loving correctly means doing something good, giving thanks, and giving praise. That’s why we ended the evening the way we begin, singing and praising. The song this time was Michael Jackson, “The Man in the Mirror”


It all begins with YOU

10 Commandments of Money delivered by Bishop Dr. Jack Bonner


  1. Thou shall not think that money is evil.
  2. Thou shall not speak evil of money.
  3. Thou shall do right about money
  4. Thou shall give right about money.  (tithe)
  5. Thou shall not serve money.
  6. Thou shall be aware that money loves to fill thy hands and pockets.
  7. Thou shall not fear money.
  8. Thou shall not deny money.  If you deny money it will deny you.
  9. Thou shall see to it that thy money makes money no matter how little or much you have.
  10. Thou shall not seek something for nothing.  Make the most of thy money.