Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


Each chapter presents one of Rev. Ike “Science of Living Principle (S.O.L).” Let’s call it the principles for the ‘Soul.’


“When you believe in the Presence of God within you, you become God in action.”

When you activate the consciousness of a Divine Power within, all things are not only possible, they are guaranteed. 

There is one condition, however – FAITH. We must have faith!

Most of us have heard this truth statement many times before. Nevertheless, we tend to fall back into our same habitual patterns of thought and behavior, and our desires remain out of reach. You must think a new thought.


Let’s think about neural pathways . . . “of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system.”

This session gave us a better understanding about the neural functions in the brain and how we can create new pathways and new vibrational frequencies that align with what we desire to manifest.

Check out this short video that breaks it all down clearly



Now if you are one of those rare beings whose life experience is perfectly and perpetually manifesting all your desires, then you might skip viewing this video. Otherwise, watch it now! . . . 8 minutes.


Rev. Ike, a master teacher, explains the greatest delusion of humans (actually he used the term ‘mankind’ but our language thankfully has evolved since he walked the earth.) The great delusion is us thinking we are separate from God. “Every other sin comes from this delusion . . . The infinite does not know me as someone apart from itself.”


Therefore, the basis for our power is knowing the truth about who you are. Then you can accept the possibility of manifesting your desires.  

“God will begin to act in you and through you and as you, to bring about the materialization of that good which you desire.”



Science of Living Principle (S.O.L.)/Principle for the Soul

“You only get what you give to yourself. You give to yourself by believing in the best for yourself. You give to yourself by believing that you deserve the best, then the best will come to you from within you.”

This is not an ego trip, it’s a truth tip. How you express it becomes your unique signature in life. Whether flamboyant or serene, introvert or extrovert, it does not matter. Just enjoy being and doing YOU!

That’s what Rev. Ike is teaching when he says to root for yourself. We should be able to stand naked in front of a mirror and enjoy looking at your reflection. Sure, we may focus on our so-called physical flaws first, but just keep looking. Eventually you will see God staring back – and there’s no judgment, just Self-Love.

And when we go outside the house, present yourself favorably. Afterall, we are representing God.

Use some of the excellent affirmations at the end of each chapter if you are still challenged with loving yourself and accepting yourself.


“I am in this game of life to be a winner, and I am going to win!”