Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


In the two chapters that were under review last week, Rev. Ike presented two main “Science of Living Principles (S.O.L), or “Principles for the ‘Soul” as we think of them.

Chapter 13 – “SON OF GOD OR ‘SON OF A GUN’?”

  • “Wherever you go, go with thanksgiving in your heart. Go with a smile on your lips and know that you are a child of God.”


  • “Everything is a condition of the mind.
  • The idea comes first and then the manifestation of that idea.
  • You can’t be, you can’t do, and you can’t have anything
  • until you first have the idea of it in your mind.”


Chapter 13 ReviewThe session began with 21 of us us being asked to self assess (1 – 10 ranking) in terms of how well (overall) we are applying Rev. Ike’s teaching in our personal life. Our group average was 6.9, which is not bad but . . . until we are perpetually enjoying health, joy and prosperity, there’s more work to be done.

Let’s be very clear. We are not sons – or daughters – of anything except God. Our nature is Divine!

Jesus was our way shower who came to show us how to see rightly, to see that we are a child of God, and as such we understand that life offers us unlimited – infinite –  possibilities. However, while everything is already given to us, in order to demonstrate our personal desires, we must take responsibility for the thoughts flowing into our mind.


Our responsibility is to . . . see rightly . . . think rightly . . . speak rightly . . . act rightly. Each aspect can be broken down in a clear way that keeps us on track for life success.

“Money is knocking at your door. If it has to knock more than once, it’ll go knock where someone will let it in the first time.”

Chapter 14 Review This chapter led us to delve deep into our old beliefs about prosperity (in particular about money $). They usually began in childhood, but they probably are still operating as a back channel in our mind, in our subconscious mind. By calling these limiting beliefs into the light, we are able to look at them and to dissolve them.

Whether we find ourselves always grasping for more… more… more… $$$, or whether we may have adopted an attitude of indifference about $$$, we must shift our thinking and learn how to live in harmony with life’s natural flow. Remember that regardless of what appears – or does not appear – in the material world is only our personal perception. What is most important is that we live with a Divine perception. Everything we need is already provided.

So how do we make the shift and start living from our Divine perception? Rev. Ike suggested that we deal with money as a ‘personality.’ The one he created was fascinating. In our breakout groups we played around with creating different personas for money.

Let me tell you we came up with some interesting ‘personalities’ that ranged from a magic genie, a leprechaun, a magical wand, a servant, a lover, a’56 Belair Chevy, even Harriet Tubman – just to name a few. We have to learn to actually talk to our ‘personality’ and allow them to bring to us whatever we desire.

These ASC, Inc. weekly meetings always present something new and informative, and sometimes even fun. Rev. Ike may have been maligned for his flamboyant persona, but his teaching is still on point in 2021. And anybody who desires greater health, joy, and prosperity, well we think studying Rev. Ike is a good place to start.

“I do not serve money, money serves me.”