Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


Our weekly gatherings are holding strong with always at least 20 or more participants. Last week we had a direct experience with one of the main Jesus concepts in which he taught that the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children. Children are naturally joyful, curious, trusting, creative, and they love to have fun. Our group facilitator presented an evening for us to get out of our head and in touch with our fun-loving inner child self. We played and laughed together and had a joyous time! 

Yes, it is necessary to study and practice these spiritual principles, but sometimes rational thinking can become overwhelming. That is when it is also necessary to cultivate good group synergy and allow everyone to enjoy a good experience because there are many different ways to learn. 

Since we cannot replicate that experience, the following summary singularly presents the chapters’ main points minus the fun that attendees enjoyed last week. 


The two main “Science of Living Principles (S.O.L), or “Principles for the ‘Soul” 


             “Christ is the Presence of God-in me.”


             “Faith is not something which is blind. Faith is not some abstract                      belief. Faith is what you believe about yourself. Whatever you                         believe about yourself, so be it unto you.”


Chapter 15 Review – If only we had been taught the whole truth about the man called Jesus, perhaps then we would understand how powerful his personality was. He spoke with authority, and he said that the power that was within him is within everyone. Rev. Ike’s Easter message in chapter 15 corrects the old “Sunday School Jesus” that only presented an image of Jesus as meek and mild. And while there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with these attributes, they just do not present the whole picture.


This chapter gives a fuller view of Jesus the Christ. Unfortunately, most traditional churches still do not teach the truth about “turning the other cheek.” Assuming a subordinate submissive posture is not admirable, for it is never acceptable to let people run over you. Your power lies in turning your attention away from the problem and turning to the ever-living Presence of God within.


This is not a “by-and-by” long off wishing and hoping kind of position. You must demonstrate your power by manifesting your desired outcomes. If you are not manifesting, you have not fully tapped into your Power Source.

“Christ is the Power of God-in-Me.”

Chapter 16 Review – Rev. Ike was very clear about what he was teaching. He called it Mind Power. He said people had not been taught how to work their mind but to work their behinds. Well, when you know better you better do better! We must stop seeing ourselves (individually and collectively) as weak and powerless because this is not true.


A positive self image will bring ideals and desires into manifestation. How? By using visualizations, affirmations, meditation . . . and of course affirmative prayer. Begin with a positive power self definition. Who are you? Whatever follows that “I AM . . .” statement becomes your reality. Your bank account may be low, but never define yourself as “poor.” You are a prosperous powerful being!”


Rev. Ike says, “Do not be a slave to the conditions that you are in. Do not be locked in and bound by the undesirable circumstances that you find yourself in.” Even the Bible says, “Let the weak say, I AM strong (Joel 3:10).” You can shift your physical disease consciousness, your financial impoverishment consciousness, your relationship lacking consciousness, your career stagnation consciousness, etc. etc. etc. Rev. Ike explains that he did not heal the boy with asthma. The boy himself got a new self-image as being healthy. That is how his asthma went away.


What is it that you desire today? 

“See yourself in the theater of your own mind being, doing, and having the good that you desire.”