Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


In 1967 a popular song was “We’re a Winner” sung by The Impressions. Yes, some of us were around back then, but if you were not, check out their song on Youtube. It’s really uplifting!

Rev Ike said:

“You can be what you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have, if you believe in the God-in-you.”

In order to make this assertion more than just memorized words, they must become imprinted in your heart. That is the reason we gather each week to discuss the ideas in this book. We want to go beyond belief and anchor ourselves in RIGHT KNOWING!

Chapters 17 and 18 present us with several examples of men who turned their life around by knowing the TRUTH of who they are. One young man moved from Louisiana to Los Angeles with just $12. He was inspired by Rev. Ike’s teaching and subsequently began making $10,000 a month with his own cleaning company. While Rev. Ike did not present any female success stories, we all know successful women have existed throughout history.

So, whether you are male or female, and no matter your race, “You can be what you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have, if you believe in the God-in-you.”

To demonstrate these truths, our participants in their breakout group shared an individual dream/aspiration/desire. They were instructed to talk about their desire as if it had already manifested. Imagining is a powerful technique. Your energy level goes up, your joy increases, and we actually begin to feel that what we desire is actually possible to manifest.

The question is. . .  are you ready to go from ordinary to extraordinary? Chapter 17 helps take us there.


“Separate the truth of a person from what he appears to be. Look at the way through what appears, and see him, his Divine Self, the Presence of God within him. See him as he really is. There is only one true identity, and that is the Divine Self.”


“Go forth every day with the attitude and feeling of a big-time winner.”


In II Timothy 1:7 the Bible teaches a fundamental living principle when we are instructed not to have a spirit of fear. Power and love create a sound mind. Check yourself if you have succumbed to fear, which is understandable given the political climate we live in and the constant barrage of bad news relative to the pandemic. Nevertheless, you must immediately turn away from fear and embrace the Presence and Power of God within. Using Rev. Ike’s affirmations at the end of each chapter is an effective way to cultivate your inner power.

We are excited about our upcoming session because in addition to our ASC facilitator, we will also have a special guest. We know you don’t want to miss this session!


            “I look to the Presence and Power of God-in-me for continued health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity.”  


Below is an inspirational talk by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles. Rev. Michael who, by the way, is also the inspiration for the creation of ASC, Inc. 


When you are loyal to your soul, you begin to ask, what is my genius? not how can I fit into the world?   

— Michael B. Beckwith — Excerpted from Agape’s Sunday service on March 7, 2021  


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