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The nation was whacked with yet another shooting massacre this week that sacrificed the lives of ten people and left millions grieving and traumatized. As America goes through the usual ritual following such tragedies as this, we hear familiar discussions about gun regulations, mental health access, etc. etc. We always want a rational explanation for such heinous acts of violence and seek to make sense of the senseless.  

Other than cultivating compassion, what is the proper response for those of us who think we are ‘awake’? What information can we discern from this book that might be beneficial? Perhaps this is a question we can ask ourselves as we continue our spiritual lessons with Rev. Ike.


Last Thursday we welcomed guest facilitator Robbin Ruffner, RScP. This may have been our best session yet! Focused on chapters 19 and 20, we answered many of the review questions, engaged with each other in break-out rooms, and elevated our understanding of the term Mental Equivalent.

You can explore more about Robbin’s background in these links below, including information about her upcoming event.


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Chapter 19 – HOW SWEET IT IS!

Key Spiritual Principle

You are responsible for making every day a happy day. When God individualized Himself in you, He gave you the power, the ability, to have all the good you desire.

This chapter teaches us to count our blessings by noticing them. Get in the habit of saying, “How sweet it is!” when you encounter something good.

Chronic complainers will never experience the sweetness in life because they are always looking for what is wrong. Nitpickers notice mistakes; they search for snafus that separate and tend to interrupt the harmony by pointing out anything and everything except what is positive.

Rev. Ike differentiates between constructive criticism and mere complaining. Just remember constant attention on negatives sucks the sweetness out of life.



Key Spiritual Principle

Whatever you want, you must first have the idea of it in your mind. If you have the idea and if you have faith in that idea, then it shall manifest itself in your experience.

This concept – Mental Equivalent – is a major spiritual concept, and it was effectively explicated by our guest facilitator. Most people are unable to embrace this concept because they live only in a connection to the five-dimension reality (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). Using Mental Equivalent means mastering how to use the imagination. The mind determines what we manifest. Master your mind and you can master the conditions of your life. Otherwise, “you imprison yourself in your present circumstances.”

The other important aspect of Mental Equivalent is feeling. This is not wishful dreaming; it is powerful visualization that uses your mind to feel the sensation of what you desire. Desire a car? Feel yourself driving it. What does it look like? Desire a love relationship? Feel yourself embracing your beloved partner. Desire a nice home? Feel yourself relaxing in your lovely living room, preparing a meal in your new kitchen, etc. etc. Remember, Rev. Ike says, “you can only get what you already have!” Once you can decipher this conundrum, your desires become your reality. That is The Mental Equivalent!


Outstanding Quotes & Affirmations

Rev. Ike Says. . .  

“Be sure you know what’s dancing in your head.” 

“Look who’s dancing in my head! It’s me!” 

“When you have only sweetness and good dancing in your head, you will experience sweetness and goodness in your life.” 

“Right now I enter the theater of my mind and shut the door to the world-mind.” 

“I see myself doing exactly what I want to do.” 

“You have, right now, exactly what you’re ready for. You have right now, exactly what your mind can accommodate.” 

“Everything that you are ready for is ready for you.” 

“Raise your consciousness to develop the mental equivalent of the increasing you that you desire.” 

“You already have everything you are ready for.”