Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide



This week the national focus is on the emotionally charged trial in Minneapolis to get justice for George Floyd. If it is not possible for you to view these proceedings and remain centered in a high vibration as a sovereign being, then it is better for you to tune out of the news and tune in to Rev. Ike and other inspirational teachers. From time to time, you may be able to tap into the news for a catch-up and then tune back out. However, be mindful of how you are feeling at all times. Why is this important? It is important because conditions follow consciousness. As within so without; as above so below. These are essential spiritual laws. When you keep your feeling-tone in alignment with the spiritual principles we are studying, you will be living from the overflow instead of being submerged by the undertow.



Our session last Thursday focused on chapters 21 and 22. Rev. Ike’s harsh rejection of horoscope – what he called ‘horror-scopes‘ – brought forth a greater understanding among our group members relative to distinctions between relying on the fanciful horoscope predictions of others and actually seriously studying the science of astrology. 

Rev. Ike said if anyone asked him what his sign was, he would say “the dollar sign.”

We did have a bit of fun choosing what our non-astrological sign might be and sharing within the group. 

What would you choose, and why?

After elucidating some of the main points in Rev. Ike’s reading, we also listened to a portion of Rev. Michael Beckwith’s module: “Tap into Infinite Abundance by Activating Enlightened Prosperity Consciousness.”



Key Spiritual Principle

Let nothing outside of you control your destiny. Through the Presence of God within, you and only you can make your good desires come true.


Start your day with positive thoughts, even before you get out of bed.

Like Rev. Ike, Rev. Michael says he begins each morning first of all by just being grateful he is alive. He might say, “Today, I am available for more good to express through to me. Now what is my assignment?”

 Remember, we are all here on assignment. Figure that out for yourself!



Key Spiritual Principle

Give yourself a push – in the right direction! Acknowledge the Divine Presence, the Divine Power of God-in-you.

Are you one of those people still complaining that you came from a family that did not provide you with the right opportunities for success? 

Stop it!!! 

  • Do not wait for somebody to encourage you.
  • Encourage yourself.
  • Give yourself a push.

After you have determined what you desire, set goals for yourself. Visualize having exactly what you desire. Don’t be like the woman from Detroit. Rev. Ike described this woman who actually worked for General Motors. She wanted a car but could not even say what kind of car she desired. He told her to decide what she wanted and not to ask how she could get it. He simply said, “Don’t ask how. Just go and get it.”

 He also reminded us that it’s alright to be choosy.


Outstanding Quotes & Affirmations

Rev. Ike Says. . .  


“Thoughts are the food of the mind.”

“I AM setting positive goals for myself and giving my mind and my life a purpose.”

“Give your mind a purpose, and your mind power will lead you to the fulfillment.”

“Thank you, God-in-me!”.”