Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide



Attendance is steady, between 18-20 participants each week, so it looks as if folks are appreciating what Rev. Ike is preaching. His mini-lessons average 3-4 pages per chapter, but there is a treasure trove of deep knowledge packed in each one. How rich we truly are, for true wealth is knowledge and ASC, Inc. is certainly accumulating lots of that!


Chapters 21 and 22 focused on attention last Thursday on how we have not just the authority and the power, but the responsibility, to make a command upon the universe. That’s powerful stuff for those who grew up in traditional (i.e., fundamental) religious backgrounds where we were told we were lowly sinners hardly worthy to beseech God for anything. Rev. Ike is bringing us a different teaching, and it is Bible based. It is the true teaching of the Master Teacher. The concept of “God-in-me” is a radical transformation of the mind. How refreshing and empowering to practice living this truth!



Key Spiritual Principle

You are in command of the infinite God-Power within you. Decide what you want and get out of the way of the “God-Power”. 

Rev. Ike uses the words:

  • DEFINE  
  • DECIDE  

21 times within these 3 pages. Clearly, he is putting the emphasis on you the individual. “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30).

Instead of waiting for God to tell you want to do, you get to choose. How powerful that is!

Make your command to the Universe, otherwise you may be waiting… and waiting… and . . . You are at a stalemate. Break out of the stalemate and make a decision. Make a choice. Use the power that you have been given, but use it wisely, with integrity of your intention.



Key Spiritual Principle

Every individual who was ever born into this world has one duty to perform, and that is to know himself, to discover his true self.

Once you really understand this teaching well, as Rev. Ike says, he got excited. We should also be getting excited It’s like feeling so enthusiastic about manifesting our desires that we wake up every morning bursting with energy and ideas that propel us toward what we want to be, to do, and to have.

The Universe is designed to support our every desire, for we have been given the kingdom. Doing the daily practice can become fun and fulfilling once you deeply commit to step onto the path of being a powerful conscious representative for God.


Outstanding Quotes & Affirmations

Rev. Ike Says. . .


“There are no poor people, only people who are not aware of the riches of God within them.”

“In me the infinite Power of God becomes definite.”

“I am excited about the Presence of God, the presence of unlimited good in me.”

“God has buried infinite treasures within my being.”

{this last one has been reframed for brevity}

“I command health, I command happiness and love, I command success and prosperity, I now command lots and lots of money.


Thank you, God-in-me!”.