Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


Here in Atlanta our May weather has been rather dramatic. . . thunderstorms and flooding one day, sunny blue skies the next. Sometimes these changes happen within a few hours. For two days we were actually under a tornado watch. The volatile climatic conditions match what’s going on in the world. Lots of shifts occurring. Every aspect of human existence is changing. We have a marvelous opportunity to ‘practice what we preach’ . . . or at least what Rev. Ike was preaching, and we profess to believe. Once we release our resistance, fears and anxiety, it’s actually quite an exciting time to be alive, don’t you agree?


Chapters 31 and 32 bring the lessons smack dab in our lap. Whatever we have been neglecting in our life is showing up and DEMANDING our attention. It is impossible to study these lessons and do the daily practice without manifesting positive results in your personal life. Whatever impediments are blocking your good and functioning as weeds in your mental garden will continue to pop up until you are ready for a shift in consciousness and activity.


Key Spiritual Principle

You are the most important person in your life.

Putting yourself first is the right thing to do. When you give, give, give to others and deny yourself, do not expect people to appreciate you. Why should anyone appreciate you when you don’t appreciate yourself? Instead of complaining about what someone is not doing for you, do for yourself and stop doing for them. Rev. Ike also reminds us to stop saving our “good stuff” for later. Enjoy your treasures now, or as he puts it, “Make every day Sunday!”


Key Spiritual Principle

God-in-you has given you the power of fascination to use to be, do, and have all the good you desire. It is up to you to determine how you will use it.

FASCINATION . . . Now that’s a word we don’t hear often, so we had to talk about that word, what it means, how it makes us feel, and what other words are similar. The definition brought our words like these . . .

“powerful attraction,” “allure,” “charm,” “enchantment,” “bewitching,” “enthralled.”

There’s power in these words, and you can actually feel the energy when you say them. As we began to probe into what fascinates us, it was quite interesting. Think about what fascinates you. Is it nature? Babies? Art? Whatever fascinates you has power because “whatever you’re fascinated with, you become. You automatically draw that which you are fascinated with unto you. Be it good or evil, whatever you are fascinated with will come into your experience” (Rev. Ike). Ponder that statement!

Some people are fascinated with problems. Some people are fascinated with what they do not have. Some people are fascinated with death. Some people are fascinated with crime. Some people are fascinated with the lives of other people instead of their own life.

Rev. Ike said that when you can learn to direct your mental powers by controlling your power of fascination. Use your power of fascination negatively, and you will bring negatives into your life. The opposite is also true, so here’s what he suggests. Repeat these affirmations aloud. 

I AM fascinated with success!

I AM fascinated with prosperity!

I AM fascinated with love!

I AM fascinated with happiness!

I AM fascinated with health

Thank you, God-in-me!