Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide


George Floyd was killed a year ago, and as the world paused yesterday to commemorate his passing, many of us wondered what had really changed. Yes, there was a collective gasp of outrage, like an emotional seismic shift felt around the world, and the Aunt Jemima image on the pancake box was updated. Substantively however the issues around racism and systemic white supremacy have not been resolved. The struggle continues! Hopefully, our grandchildren will grow up in a better environment. And that is the reason we do our daily spiritual practices. That is the reason we choose to include these Thursday sessions as a significant part of each week. As we learn . . . and unlearn . . . and heal our own consciousness, we know we are uplifting all life on this planet. Unlearning, learning, unlearning . . . it’s a perpetual life process.



Key Spiritual Principle

The Divine Order is in order, and it’s not going to get out of order.

We often hear people saying things like, “Why did God let that happen.” Or “Why doesn’t God stop this mess?” Well, that’s a spiritually immature way of thinking about life. There is no God-the-sky, but there is God-in-me. The philosophy of Rev. Ike – and truth teachers throughout the ages – emphasize that we live in an orderly universe that responds to the ‘impress’ that we place upon it. Through our thinking and feelings, we are constantly creating our experience. God works though us, and to do otherwise would be to make us robotic and devoid of free will. When people know better, they can do better, which is why we all have a responsibility of awakening others. One of the best ways to do this is to illuminate our light into the world using our individualized skills, gifts and talents that are unique to each person. Are you experiencing disorder in your individual world? Rev. Ike says,

“If you are experiencing hate, anger, tension, and anxiety, these are manifestations of your mental state . . . You must look within and discover God’s Divine Order.” That is always in order.” 

Chapter 38 – YOU CAN LEARN!

Key Spiritual Principle

Learn of the Divine Perfection that is within you – Health, Happiness, Love, Success, and Prosperity!

Whatever we have learned that is not for our highest good, we can unlearn. People have learned all kinds of ideas that are harmful. For example, we learn that as we get older we will get sick. Turn that negative thought around and embrace health. . . The Divine Truth of you is health! Another harmful idea that people have learned is to expect to be sad and miserable. Or they have learned how to just ‘get by.’ You can turn those limiting lies around by embracing the Divine Truth of who you are.

The other major point that he makes in this chapter is not to lean on anybody else to heal your negative conditions. Do not lean on your pastor, your Practitioner, or your partners. Rev. Ike describes how his followers would come up to him asking HIM to heal them, and he explained that “In the Science of Living, we teach you to help yourself through the consciousness of the Presence of God, Infinite God.”

 VIDEO SUPPLEMENT: “You: Boundless & Beautiful – Word from The Mother”– Rev. Michael Beckwith (viewed last Thursday)     


 AFFIRMATIVE TREATMENT (to be spoken aloud, with passion)

  • I open my mind to the Presence of God-in-me, the Divine Perfection within me.
  • I unlearn sickness and I learn Health!
  • I unlearn sadness and I learn Happiness!
  • I unlearn hatred and I learn Love!
  • I unlearn failure and I learn Success!
  • I unlearn poverty and I learn Prosperity!
  • I AM one with the Divine Perfection within me.

Thank you, God-in-me!