Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

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National attention this week focuses -finally- on a massacre that happened a century ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Tulsa terror really snared my attention since everyone in my family was born in Oklahoma except me, but also because of what is happening all over America today as racists double down on their oppression efforts. During “Red Summer” racists wiped out the economic achievements not only in Smallwood, OK, but in many other towns as well.  It’s quite understandable when people still feel anxious and hopeless saying nothing has substantially changed in 100 years. However, this comment by Michael Bernard Beckwith helps me stay positive: “Whenever there’s a movement forward there’s always a push back from the previous paradigm.” Knowing this, we just have to keep moving forward. That’s why having a regular support group keeps us positive and active. -Baji             


Key Spiritual Principle

You must learn to deal with the economy that does not economize. You must learn to deal with the infinite economy of God within.

We have all been influenced by fallacious statements. This ‘group think’ has really messed with our thoughts about prosperity and held us back. There are two basic fallacies (“lies” is what Rev. Ike calls them) must be debunked:


  • By enjoying less we will have more.
  • By giving up or not having good, that this self-denial will help other people.


  • The enjoyment of good increases and multiplies the good.
  • You have unlimited joy potential within you.

 Remember, you cannot control anything except your own mind and the way you think. Rev. Ike teaches about the ‘psychological economy of the subconscious mind.’ In other words, he teaches that you are never to think that anything is too good for you.

“Do not use your mind on any idea that does not promote health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity.” 

“I deal with the economy that will not economize, with a belief in the abundance of all things.”


Key Spiritual Principle 

Health or sickness; wealth or poverty; success or failure – all begin in the mind. Your physical body and material affairs reflect your state of mind. The person with a positive attitude and a strong belief in health prevents sickness from entering his life.

Have you been mentally conditioned to accept sickness in your life? Most people have been, from the minute they are born. Just think about it, think about the ways your parents may have influenced your physical health. Just as this conditioning affected your individual health, the same situation occurs regarding our collective national health. So, what is the solution to this negative conditioning to which we are all subjected? Rev. Ike says, it is very important to only let your mind think positive thoughts about health, and also to speak only positive words about health . . .  “God-in-me is my health.”

 VIDEO SUPPLEMENT: The Change in Consciousness You Need to Begin Healing – Rev. Ike’s Kicking the Devil’s Behind




  • Right here and right now, I see myself as a healthy person.
  • I refuse to accept any idea of sickness.
  • My faith and belief are in God’s healthy, whole ideal of me, and this belief will keep me well.

Thank you, God-in-me!