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The cicadas are coming, the cicadas are coming! They have been underground for seventeen years, and they will be arriving in huge swarms with great gusto. Whether the prospect of this impending invasion creeps you out, or whether you are curious enough to try eating one (. . . yes, some folks actually eat them), we are always at choice. Acknowledging this truth principle is empowering. Since we cannot barricade ourselves in the house for the three to four weeks these insects are projected to descend upon us, we can prepare in advance and remember that, like everything else, cicadas come, and cicadas go.  -Baji


Last Thursday’s session offered something really different and creative. We used Diane Reeves’ song, “The First Five Chapters” to identify the personal phases of our individual self- development.

–  https://youtu.be/2vktx29sO10


Key Spiritual Principle

Keep thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23.

Your attitude determines your life experience. From the moment you awake until you go to sleep, program yourself because you are either creating a positive or negative outcome.

The Cosmic Law of Mind is based on this truth:

As a man thinks, so is he . . .or shall we say . . . As a woman thinks, so is she

“Right here and right now, life meets me exactly as I meet life.” 

“I program myself every day for health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and money.” 


Key Spiritual Principle

The Infinite Mind of God which is within you provides with an infinite variety of ideas and talents. It is up to you to open your mind and accept these ideas. And it is up to you to receive them.

You do not need a grandiose scheme or a generous mentor or investor in order to reach your potential for success. Stop complaining about the opportunities you do/did not have and look at what you have now. So, what exactly is the formula for success. You know because Rev. Ike has consistently taught us this formula over the past 40 chapters. Open your mind to accept the principle of GOD-IN-ME.

“God-in-me gives me the ideas and the talent to make me successful in all that I endeavor.” 

“I have multimillion-dollar ideas and talents.”



Key Spiritual Principle

You can use the power of your mind to bless and direct your physical body and affairs.

In this chapter Rev. Ike teaches about respecting your physical body. He shares the techniques that he personally uses to program his subconscious mind and maintain his ideal physical profile. Some of you may find this chapter hard to take, but the point is “your subconscious mind records EXACTLY what you impress it with and will bring that to your accordingly.” If you are not 100% satisfied with the appearance and condition of your physical body, you might want to try the suggestions that Rev. Ike offers. At the very least, you can use these affirmative treatments: 

“I see myself strong and healthy from birthday to birthday.” 

“Right here and right now, I have found the Power within me to control all of my experiences.”

Thank you, God-in-me!


VIDEO SUPPLEMENT: Diane Reeves’ song, “The First Five Chapters” to identify the personal phases of our individual self- development. https://youtu.be/2vktx29sO10