Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity,

For You: Science Of Living Study Guide



The nation has basically ‘opened back up” as many states return to pre-pandemic public behaviors. June 19, known as Juneteenth, has now been declared a national holiday. However, the U.S. Congress cannot seem to pass national legislation to guarantee Americans their voter rights. Two steps forward, one step back. . . The journey continues!

 How grateful I am to be exposed to the Science of Living principles. New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings keep me on a mindful spiritual track and help to differentiate between what is Reality on the real-real, and what is the cultural illusion. Furthermore, it just  feels really good to be living beyond the snare of the social matrix. I am free, and I knew that before Juneteenth was made a national holiday.  -Baji



This Thursday will be our final session with Rev. Ike’s book. We began six months ago on January 14 with a weekly average of about 22 participants. We will end on June 24 with a little more than half that number (. . . last week 14 were present). For the ones who have consistently participated, the take-aways are tremendous. We can honestly say we have evolved as a result of studying Rev. Ike’s teachings.  

ASC, Inc. will take a short break after this week’s session and resume on July 15 as we delve into “A Course in Mysticism” with the writings of Howard Thurman, facilitated by Robbin Ruffner, RScP.

Here’s the summary of the three chapters we discussed last Thursday.



Key Spiritual Principle

You must learn how to give before you receive. Just as in nature when earth gives forth its bounty it gives seed for the next season, we must learn to plant the seeds for our harvest of health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity.

Reaping what you sow is certainly not a new concept; however, Rev. Ike brings a new thought to what it means. He says, “Whenever you give correctly, your giving does not take from you, but rather it causes you to be blessed.” Many people give to others first and deprive themselves. This is not correct giving. Others withhold from others because they think they have nothing to give. This is incorrect thinking also.

The Universe has given you EVERYTHING. Giving was the first act of God. Perhaps the problem is you did not receive what was given. Since we live in a mental universe, everything takes place in mind. Prime the pump, for the Almighty, ever-providing well of God never runs dry. Allow the current of unlimited goodness to flow into your life. Graciously accept your divine inheritance. And, always, leave something for those who come after you. “Life takes from the taker and gives to the giver.”



Key Spiritual Principle

Forgiveness starts with you. You must forgive yourself and get rid of your negative feelings of self-condemnation. Live in the knowledge of the truth of you – your Divine Self that never sins – and leave all guilt behind.


We all have someone to forgive, and the process of forgiveness is not a one-time thing. We forgive and forgive and forgive, until we feel wholly (holy) cleansed. Get rid of your guilt complex because that only serves as a magnet for more punishment. Hanging on to what someone did to you, or what you feel you did to someone else, or to yourself, is not a good look. STOP IT!

There is only one thing you can do about your past mistakes – – FORGIVE YOURSELF!

“I cancel guilt from my mind, and I look to the God-in-Me for my health, happiness, love, success, and prosperity.”


Key Spiritual Principle

If you don’t program your own life and mind, the world-mind will.


Some of you may not have been familiar with the term “world-mind” that Rev. Ike uses in this chapter. Sometimes it may been called the “race-mind” referring not to ethnicity, but to the human collective mind. Rev. Ike emphasizes the negative nature of the world-mind in which the media bombard us with sensationalized information about disease, poverty, war, etc. etc. This keeps people in a state of fear and division.

Who or what is programming your life?

Think carefully before you answer that question. There are ways to take dominion over your own mental program. For example, Rev. Ike’s teachings program us for life success by emphasizing over and over again that the “I AM” Power Source is within each of us, to the degree that we choose to use it for good. A wonderful world awaits you when you open up to it.

“I program my mind only for good.”