Rev. Ike’s Secrets for Health, Joy and Prosperity – For You

by Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter

Fourteen (14) participants gathered virtually to review and celebrate what we learned over the past six months (that’s 24 weeks, 48 hours) of studying Rev. Ike’s lessons. What a fulfilling adventure we undertook together. What a joyous gathering we had when it ended! On June 24, we shared our most significant personal take-aways. It is incredible to realize we devoted half a year of our life in spiritual study and practice. Needless to say, this experience has made an indelibly positive difference for those who consistently participated!

Like most students everywhere, there was a collective groan when we realized we would be taking an exit exam. Here it is below. Test yourself and answer these 5 questions –

      1. What is a general definition of Science of Living?

         A) A philosophy using principles of truth to live successfully

         B) A system of mind control and manipulation created by Rev. Ike.

         C) A practical approach to manifesting your desires.

       2. What does H.H.L.S.P. stand for?

          A) Health, Happiness, Light, Strength, Power

          B) Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity

          C) Holy Heavenly Lessons for Spiritual Prosperity   

      3. Complete Rev. Ike’s popular statement; fill in the missing words.

          “You can’t _____ with the_____ I use!”

        A) refuse / practice

        B) Lose/ principles

        C) Lose/ stuff   

    4. Choose the best way to complete this statement:

         “You only get what you subconsciously believe __________.”

       A) . . the universe can provide.

       B) . . . you have given to someone else.

       C) . . . you deserve.

     5. Complete this statement. The best nourishment is . . .

        A) Healthy vegetables, fruits, and nuts

        B) Right ideas

        C) 8oz of alkaline water per day



  1. A or C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. B


How to assess your answers

5 correct answers = You have mastered Rev. Ike’s lessons.

4 correct answers = You have a good understanding of the lessons.

3 correct answers = Review the questions you missed for better understanding.

2 correct answers = You are encouraged to periodically review all the lessons again

1 correct answer = Did you read the book?


ASC, Inc. is officially on break until July 15.