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This issue is asking for you to do more than just read-and-delete. It requires you to DO SOMETHING

Last week we welcomed our sister-friend, Dawn James who bathed us with her celestial musical tones. Dawn is a beautiful awakened, generous spirit. You can discover her many notable accomplishments here  –   

Dawn shared a very profound moment of deep awakening in 2003 when she received these words: “When we become aware, we can rise above our circumstances.” She talked with us briefly about the concepts of struggle and suffering. afterwards she read a poem by Kahlil Gibran which you can access here. Please listen as it is being read aloud for you ––

We are still in the COVID era. We have been in the mud. Perhaps not you, individually, but the human collective has been impacted by less mobility, less socializing, and more death. Where is the lotus in all of this? Perhaps it is still too soon to see that which has been revealed, or perhaps we need to look at a different perspective with a wider lens. 

Deep listening/meditation can offer us in-sights that help us live happier, more fulfilled lives. Two beneficial questions might be: 

(1) What do I need to cultivate in me? 

(2) What values do I need to sustain? 

There were 20 people present last week to experience the SoundBath. We relaxed into deep listening accompanied by alpha tones and binaural beats created with quartz crystal sounds, Tibetan singing bowls, and a steel tongue drum. These powerful healing elements, as Dawn explained later, “recalibrate the spin of our chakras and activate the brain waves. Aligning the right/left hemisphere of the brain produces clarity. . . We are brought back to who we are. The core of us is Love.”

For those desiring to make deep listening/meditation part of your daily life, these supplemental references, suggested by your feedback were recommended. Let us not ignore the wealth of videos offered by Thich Nhat Hanh. Remember . . . many teachers, one message!

The first supplemental suggestion is by Joe Dispenza discussing and then facilitating a session on “Blessing of the Energy Centers.” The second one is by Davidji on “The End of Suffering.” There was no link included for this one, but there’s lots of information on YouTube by Davidji.