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Shop at Kroger? Make your purchases count by supporting ASC in the Community Rewards Program!
Register Online at
Have your Kroger Plus Card handy (if you don’t know your Kroger Plus #, see note below).
Click SIGN IN if you have used Kroger online before. Click CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you’ve never signed on to Kroger online. Follow the prompts and create an account.
Once you’ve created an account/signed in, click EDIT in the COMMUNITY REWARDS section at the bottom of the page. Enter our NPO # MI398 in the search box. Select Atlanta Spiritual Community and click SAVE.
To verify you are enrolled correctly, you should see our name, ASC, in the community rewards section. That’s it! Just remember to swipe your Kroger Plus Card when shopping. Kroger will donate to ASC based on your quarterly purchases. Best of all, you still get to keep your Kroger Rewards points for discounts on gas, etc.
Important: You must re-register ASC as the non-profit of your choice each year during the month of August.

Amazon Smile & ASC
Giving made easy! When you shop @AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to the Atlanta Spiritual Community.