Our Vision:

The VISION of The Atlanta Spiritual Community is to grow a loving, welcoming spiritual community in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond for the distinct purpose of Experiencing, Expressing and Celebrating the Divine within all things.


We know God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Because God is everywhere and in everything, every person and all of nature is perfect and divine.

We know there are many names for this higher power – Holy Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, Jah, Jehovah, Love-Beauty, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mother, Mother-Father God, Goddess, Source Energy, Great Spirit, Jesus, Christ, Lord, and many more. Consequently, it does not matter what name people choose. We call It God, The All.

We know the application of Ancient Wisdom Teachings inspire and support evolution of the soul. Therefore, we choose to live in alignment with the principles of Unity, Harmony, Love, Joy, Peace, Beauty, Sacred Service, and all things God.

We know Atlanta Spiritual Community is an expression of ONENESS. As we practice honest communication and express compassion and mutual respect
in all of our interactions, we reveal that Oneness in our experiences with each other.

We know consciousness creates infinite possibilities, and as we open our heart and expand our consciousness we elevate all life on earth.

We know and respect any spiritual practices that affirm the inherent God in all, and we recognize that each person is on a spiritual journey, whether conscious or not.

We know that respecting life is a sacred posture, and we spiritually embrace all people because we know there is only one life and that life is God, for God is all there is.